About Vans

If you are a sneaker-head, you must be familiar with the name of Vans. Vans is not just a name of shoe brand but a style. Established in 1966, under the name The Van Doren Rubber Company, Van Doren sold its initial shoes directly to the public. Its first twelve shoes which were sold on its first morning are now known as Authentic. Van Doren had always come with an innovative ideas and he had always set trends for generation in the world of sneakers. In 1976, the Vans#95, now known as Era, becomes the shoes for generation of skateboards. In 1977, Vans#36, the Old Skool debuted with the now famous vans Sidestripe, was the first stake shoes that incorporated leather panels for more durability. In 1982, Vans Classic Slip-Ons gain international attention after it was worn by Seen Paul in movie First Time at Ridgemont High. In year 2000, Forbes recognized it as one of the America’s best seller company of the year. Vans has achieved more name and fame throughout its history and it has been worn by most famous personalities be it an actor, a sportsman or any other famous person. Vans has most outstanding collections of shoes, sneakers, and related appeals. Some of its iconic shoes are Slide-On, Old Skool, SK8-Hi, Half Cab Sneaker and Chima Pro sneaker. It has always stood different and modish in its style and attracted its audience throughout the world. It has always supported youth culture world widely by opening stores in different countries. It has also started clothing line and has variety of clothes for men, women and kids. So, if you want to catch everyone’s eye, just go for Vans shoes and clothes. By ordering online, you can use Vans coupon codes that makes more convenient for you to become a part of Vans culture.