About TOMS

TOMS began in 2006 and has grown in to a full-blown, profitable business. But it didn’t begin intentionally. It started out of a thought on part of the founding figure, Blake Mycoskie of TOMS while he was travelling to Argentina. He saw how children in those areas faced hardships. He wanted to help them and he thought of this business with the policy of “one for one.” Basically, every time a customer bought a shoe from TOMS, somewhere in the world a needy child received a pair of shoes as well. Now, TOMS has grown and expanded. It not only provides quality footwear but is also providing eyewear and has helped to restore sight for over a million people living in miserable and poor conditions. The products available at TOMS are meant for comfort. They are available at extremely reasonable prices and are of excellent quality and style. Overall, this store works for humanity especially innocent children and this is reason enough for one to shop here. Just browse this page to find the latest verified TOMS coupon codes for your online purchase.