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Do you want to learn more about someone than the phone book can provide? U.S. Search examines public records from all around the country to construct an accurate picture of practically anyone, whether you want to conduct a reverse look-up on a phone number that`s been contacting you or dig into the professional history of someone you`re about to hire. You can also run a thorough criminal background check using U.S. Search. Use U.S. Search to get low pricing on background checks and other services, as well as basic personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. They offer reverse phone number lookups for both landlines and mobile phones. They do criminal background checks in each of the 50 states. Anyone`s employment history and utility verification can be made by you. They provide credit reports that include information from all three major credit bureaus. They began as two companies with deep roots in Seattle, both in research and in the management of human information. These businesses have come together to transform an industry rife with dark corners and reactive strategies. U.S. Search aspires to create a digital identity society that empowers customers by combining the resources of a unique social network of classmates, the profiles of people who own Intelius, and the combined abilities and experience of their staff. U.S. Search has been mentioned in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and in television shows such as 60 Minutes. Are you still not convinced? If your search returns the wrong person or erroneous information, U.S. Search will reimburse your search fee. U.S. Search is your one-stop shop for finding out the truth about complete strangers as well as close friends. When you shop with US Search coupon codes, you always get a good deal.