Udder Covers

About Udder Covers

Udder Covers offers chic and stylish 100% pure cotton cover-ups for women who are uncomfortable nursing in public. Available in 17 unique prints, Udder Covers are all about complete coverage and satisfaction for nursing women. These covers have an adjustable neckline and help you maintain perfect eye contact with your new born angel. Udder Covers also offers gift bags and other nursing accessories. Back in 2005, Jenny, the founder of Udder Covers, was a new mom who had trouble nursing her baby in public and that’s when she decided to introduce the Milk Band. After that, she has been tirelessly working to influence moms around the world and giving them ease and confidence while maintaining the bonding with their children without any public humiliation or conservancy. She works in collaboration with the Mothers Lounge and understands how mothers need to continue doing their daily chores and outside jobs even when they have an added responsibility of a child, which is why she does everything she can to give them peace of mind. Just browse this page to find the latest verified Udder Covers coupon codes for your online purchase.