About MindWare

Founded in 1990, Mindware is an educational company that produces educational toys for learning purposes. It is one of the best resource for education and learning for children through fun activities. Mindware encourages a kid to engage and be entertained through an educational technique. The company started as a small retail store that involved wholesale business but with time it evolved and now has become a large company that delivers games, unique toys, brainy activities inducing kits to classrooms and customers, thus becoming one of the world’s largest retailers. Their first product that gained a lot of fans was a Bella`s Mystery Deck, which is a still a best seller today. Mindware has been creating engaging products such as educational toys, games, creative activities, coloring books and building sets that allow a child to practice motor skills and learn the basics of art and education through their own understanding. Furthermore, they offer free shipping on order $49 or above which is quite an impressive deal when you’re purchasing from somewhere as colorful as Mindware. You can also make use of discounts that they offer every once in a while. Mindware offers a very entertaining world where your child can fulfill his/her dreams of creating a world of their own and in doing so they are headed toward a future of growth, success and development. This is your chance to buy many of their award winning items by using Mindware coupon codes from our site as it will turn out to be a decision well made.