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About Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger is the manufacturer of some of Major League Baseball`s official bats. Bud Hillerich took over the company from his father in 1894, and the name "Louisville Slugger" was registered with the United States Patent Office. Louisville Slugger has established an American image of the reliable bat for players who make their mark after 132 years on the field in the hands of legends. There are additional products relevant to sports, such as quick pitch and slow pitch available. It will develop and evolve as it is rooted in history and tradition. Recently, the company has expanded beyond bats, exploring innovations in performance technology with products ranging from batting gloves and helmets to player training aids and gadgets. When you shop the whole lineup from Louisville Slugger, you`ll be able to step up to the plate with just the best. From youth leagues to custom, professional-grade bats, this iconic maker of baseball and softball bats continues to push the boundaries of quality gear for all levels of play. For baseball and fastpitch or slowpitch softball, this covers a wide choice of traditional wooden bats as well as aluminum and composite bats. Also, take advantage of the latest Louisville Slugger coupons to save on other essentials like gloves, gear bags, bat grips, batting gloves, catcher`s equipment, and apparel. The staff at Louisville Slugger works tirelessly to ensure that you have a pleasant shopping experience. So you may shop at slugger.com and take advantage of the current Louisville Slugger coupon codes to get the best deals.