About LOFT

LOFT is one of the brands that form a part of the Ann Incorporation. This particular brand originated in 1998 and since then it has expanded to include 650 outlet stores in Canada, Mexico, and in the United States. The brand specializes in creating versatile and feminine clothing for women who share the same goal i.e. to look and feel confident with what they wear. Their customers adore them for vast variety, the uber-stylish clothes and the perfect dresses they provide which reflect a woman’s world amazingly. LOFT as a store, and the company that it is a part of i.e. Ann both believe in providing such clothing items which are not only fashion forward and elegant but are also comfortable and reflect their customer’s choice, personality and style. The clothes you find here are created keeping in view the latest trends and here there is something for everyone. They provide casual wear, swim wear, maternity clothes, special fit clothes for women who are tall or petite. You can also find accessories and shoes here, however the clothes are their speciality. The store exists to make selecting outfits easy and effortless for all its customers, so it’s a perfect shopping destination for those who’re looking for an easy way to get their wardrobe sorted out. Just browse this page to find the latest verified LOFT coupon codes for your online purchase.