La Tienda

About La Tienda

La Tienda`s wonderful range of artisanal and small family business products from from Spain will bring a taste of Spain to your house. An American family founded La Tienda out of their passion for Spain and the Spanish culture. La Tienda was founded in 1996 with the goal of sharing the Spanish amorous feelings, elegance, and pleasant cheer in people`s lives. Their goal is to support Spain and its culture by delivering the richest tradition of high-quality, trademarked items. They will assist the family company whenever possible by using free range and sustainable materials in the manufacture of handmade products. La Tienda is a Spanish word that means "shop." In English, it`s called The Store, and it has the largest selection of Spanish food in the United States. The best aspect is that all of its products are created in Spain by tiny, family-owned firms. La Tienda provides everything you need to bring back memories of the old world, from gourmet meals and wines to bath supplies and gifts. La Tienda promotes Spain`s culture by providing the widest range of high-quality traditional and iconic products. La Tienda sells the best of Spain, shipping quality Spanish goods to destinations throughout the United States and Canada. but it knows Spanish food and drink as well as the Spanish do, and it sells chorizo, paella, cheese, wine, and ham, among other tasty and authentic things. You can do it without fuss, and La Tienda will not charge you a return or exchange fee if you keep everything in its original packaging and have your receipt. Now, when you go shopping, make sure you have your La Tienda coupon codes handy so you can save money at the register.