Giant Microbes

About Giant Microbes

Giant Microbes is a toy company which manufactures stuffed toys of microscopic organisms, as well as human pathogens. These plush toys give a fairly accurate amplification of microbes, which makes learning fun and easier for children and adults likewise. Their friendly appearances give them an appeal, which makes learning for people of any age group more captivating. The company was founded in 2002, by Drew Oliver. Their mission is to create exceptional and thought-provoking gifts for children and adults alike. Whether the goal is educational, medical, or just for fun, Giant Microbes offers a range of toys to satisfy everybody’s needs. Now, the trend has spread so far that not only children, but practiced doctors are using these toys in order to learn and grow. The company also offers merchandise, such as mugs, apparel (hats and ties), soap dispensers, pillows and gift boxes other than what they specialize in. Just browse this page to find the latest verified Giant Microbes coupon codes for your online purchase.