Garrett Popcorn

About Garrett Popcorn

Great taste, quality ingredients and experienced understating has made Garret Popcorn shops a favorite in Chicago. Founded by a female entrepreneur who brought forward her secret family recipe for making popcorns along with homemade fudge and roasted nuts in 1949, Garret Popcorn has become a personal favorite and a significant snack in family gatherings through generations. The popcorns at Garret are cooked on daily basis without any preservatives, following the same secret family recipe that has been handed across generations. At Garret Popcorn, they firmly believe in holding themselves in highest integrity and the responsibility that it demands. You can not only find popcorns at Garret but also a range of decadent chocolates such as salted caramel and milk mint chocolate flavor. At Garret Popcorn, there are a lot of options for you to go through and consider before ordering as it’s not just popcorn that they offer but huge collection of different flavors as well. The diversity in flavors allows the customer to choose from hot cocoa caramel crisp, cheese corn, buttery, cashew caramel crisp and Garret Mix which is an ultimate fan favorite at Garret Popcorn. To add the cherry on top, Garret Popcorn offers a choice of choosing your favorite recipes altogether by using their feature of ‘Build your tin.’ Every now and then, Garret Popcorn offers up to 20% off on their products on National Popcorn Day. It is not about a kitchen making common popcorns and selling it daily, but a company who gives taste, diversity, quality and excellent services at the same time. So grab your chance of availing good discounts at this shop by using Garret Popcorn coupon codes from our website.