About FauxPanels

FauxPanels is a second-generation, family-owned business that creates realistic-looking materials for homes and businesses. FauxPanels.com understands that appearances matter in home decor, just like they do in life. That`s why, since 1972, FauxPanels.com has been one of America`s most trusted sources of imitation paneling, siding, and even trim, whether you want your home to seem like brick, stone, rock, or even wood. FauxPanels.com also sells mailboxes, columns, posts, and accessories that look like the real thing. All of the products are created in the United States, with a focus on both quality and style. This organization features a wide range of products to meet your needs, from conventional to modern. These building materials` beautiful colors and robust construction make for an excellent alternative for any home or office area. It doesn`t have to be difficult to give your home or business a fresh look. With their innovative interior and exterior panels, the design specialists at FauxPanels can help you increase the curb appeal of your property. FauxPanels may breathe fresh life into your room with a wide range of product lines. To modernize your home, choose panels from their Regency, Norwich, Windsor, or Wellington lines. Brick, stone, and wood are all alternatives for design. Choose a style that complements your home. The shipping quote form on fauxpanels.com can be used to calculate shipping prices for products sold by FauxPanels. FauxPanels.com products are built to order and cannot be returned without the express consent of Barron Designs, FauxPanels` parent company. Please contact FauxPanels for additional details. Extreme Makeover Home Edition has highlighted FauxPanels.com, so you know it`s a professional-grade product. Are you still not convinced? To assist you in making a decision, read impartial testimonials from former FauxPanels.com customers. Fake your buddies and take the easy way out with FauxPanels.com if you want the look of real brick, rock, stone, or wood. When you use FauxPanels coupon codes on your next order, your friends will believe you paid a lot more than you did.