About CanvasHQ

Want to preserve your memories in a whole different way? Want to use your creative sense and build up such artistic way of presenting pictures to fill your houses with beautiful memories? The purpose of CanvasHQ being born was entirely to make this wish of yours come true. The best services and tools at this online store can help you build your very own photo canvases that can be presented in several of different ways. Use their services and decorate your homes, rooms, workplaces or any place you want in a totally different way. At CanvasHQ, you can upload your pictures of your own self, grand family group photo, crazy friend’s random click or any other picture you want and with just a few clicks, edit it and share it with your online social circles of Facebook or turn it into a complete professional looking portrait canvas in no time and keep it with you for lifetime. You can add so many effects to the pictures, balance its colors, add shadows, add colorful effects, apply boarders, and add glow effects to make it brighter or simply leave it as it is with some text caption or note. Once you are done, simply make your payments and leave the entire headache to CanvasHQ. They will compile it all for you and send it your way before you could even know it. Save big by shopping with CanvasHQ coupon codes.