Burkes Outlet

About Burkes Outlet

Burkes Outlet is a private company that sells handbags, shoes, bed and bath accessories, woman’s clothing, home and cosmetic products. Bealle, Inc that was founded in 1915 is the parent company of Burkes Outlet stores across America. The Outlet was launched in Florida, 1987, and over the years expanded so vastly that there are now over 450 stores present across the States. The stores are designed to entertain customers of all age and status. Burkes Outlet is that one place where you can find all name-brands products, stylish clothing and gifts up to 70% off what other stores are offering, every day. It has all to designs and latest styles at unbelievable prices. Burkes Outlet always offers a ginormous discount of up to 70% off an apart form that there is a $7.99 flat shipping on all online orders and as well as free returns at its more than 400 retail stores across America. You can shop from a wide variety of products of your favorite brands that arrive every day at these stores at such affordable prices. An interesting fact is that you can also apply for Burkes Outlet credit card that lets you earn Burkes Outlet exclusives. This particular card comes with its own discounts which can be quite useful for buying gifts for friends and family around the Holiday season. Apart from that, if it’s your last minute Christmas shopping and you are unsure of how to buy everything at an affordable price, don’t forget to check Burkes Outlet coupon codes that our website is offering in the hour of need.