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Are cars for you more than just a mode of transportation? Do you enjoy building model or slot cars? If that`s the case, Auto World is the place for you. Auto World is a hobbyist`s dream store with a wide variety of modeling-related items. Auto World Store is the place to go if you`re looking for collectible cars or auto kits. It has resurrected the Auto World brand as a one-stop-shop for figures and playsets, modeling tools, paint, posters, resin souvenirs, rocket kits, and more. There`s also odd clothing, Star Trek model kits, and Legends of the Quarter Mile die-casts. If you shop at today, you might find some rare, limited-edition items on sale. Round 2 is an innovative collectibles firm based in South Bend, Indiana, founded by entrepreneur Tom Lowe in 2005. At Auto World, you`ll find model kits, die-cast automobiles, slot cars, modeling paints and tools, and much more. They`ve driven and inspected each vehicle, and they`ve begun the maintenance, AA inspection, quality control, and valet procedures that every Autoworld vehicle must go through. You may be confident that dealing with the Autoworld staff will provide you with an unrivaled pleasant, and productive experience. All of their automobiles are of great quality for your peace of mind. They are MTA-approved dealers, which means that the Automobile Industry Association monitors their standards to assure quality, the best display effect, and after-sales support. An insurance policy against unanticipated difficulties that may arise throughout the vehicle`s lifetime. Model kits, posters, pain, and even figures and play sets can be found at Auto World. At Auto World, no matter how old the auto enthusiast you`re purchasing for is. For orders of $99.99 or more, Auto World offers free shipping. For an additional cost, they also offer international shipping. Auto World Store coupon codes can help you stretch your money.