12 Best Tape Measures For 2024

12 Best Tape Measures For 2024

Tape measures are one of the most essential tools of everyday life. Whether you`re DIYing a home project, measuring fabric for sewing, or seeing if that couch will fit through the door, a tape measure is the tool of choice. Made from flexible materials such as cloth and steel, these useful devices offer accurate measurements for any job. The way they work may seem simple - stretch it out, read the results - but tape measures offer so much more than meets the eye as they come with extra features like self-locking mechanisms and extra long lengths to ensure that projects are done correctly and accurately. With this reliable item in your pocket of supplies, success on any innovative project is just about guaranteed!  If you’re in the market for a new tape measure, it can be difficult to know where to start. After all, any DIYer worth their weight knows there are tons of measurements that need to be taken for accurate projects and the tools used need to get those readings right each time. To help make your buying decision easier (and ensure accuracy on your next project!), we have compiled a list of 12 of the best tape measures available so you can pick one out with confidence! Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting stainless steel blade or high precision readings in both inches & centimeters, our selection has something for everyone and will surely meet any measuring needs.

The 12 High Quality Tape Measures That Are Best Way To Size Stuff Up Around Your Home

It’s time to turn up your measuring game! After all, without an accurate and high-quality tape measure in your toolkit you could find yourself struggling with measuring jobs that take longer than they should – costing time and money. While a tape measure may seem like a simple tool, there is actually a lot of variety in the market. From classic steel tapes to the advanced laser distance measurers, it can be hard to know what type you need or which one will do the job best. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for precision accuracy or just want an affordable way to size stuff up around your home—we`ve got you covered. Here are twelve of our top picks for the best tape measures on the market today!

1. Greendale Autowind Tape Measures

Greendale 6 Pack of 25 ft Tape Measures are the perfect tool for all types of DIY projects. Every measure is made with a tough outer shell, so they’ll stand up to wear and tear over time. Using these tools is a breeze too – each one features a thumb and quick lock to make adjustments on the fly and an autowind function that winds up the tape quickly making it easy to move on to your next job. With inches and centimeters measurement logs, this 6-pack has you covered for most tasks no matter which way you measure them. A belt clip also means you can take your measuring tape anywhere, so now you can make sure every measurement is perfectly precise even when you`re away from your workbench. Get yourself Greendale`s 6 Pack of 25 ft Tape Measures today so you can make sure all your projects come out perfect every single time.



2. Jimihome Household Tape Measure

A handy must-have for any toolbox, the Jimihome 18Ft. Tape Measure is designed with convenience and reliability in mind! Featuring a corrosion resistant nylon coating, this impact-resistant tape measure can withstand any wear and tear you may put it through while still maintaining its integrity. Its easy retraction speed control allows you to accurately and quickly measure whatever your project needs – up to an impressive 5.5 m or 18 ft! With the added feature of true zero on its belt clip and wrist strap, this essential household tool is ideal for any DIY enthusiast.  Made with wear and corrosion resistant nylon-coating protection for durable use and an impact-resistant reinforced frame to add strength, our tape measure is the perfect tool for all your measuring needs. Our ergonomically designed case fits perfectly in hand as you measure, while the base pause button and thumb operated blade lock get the job done quickly and efficiently. It even stands out to 7.5 ft., allowing for easy inside and outside measurements, complete with continuous metric graduation and true zero hooks for accurate accuracy. Plus, our belt clip and wrist strap make carrying and storage a breeze. And no need to worry about misreading: our tape measures feature easy-to-read double side metric and imperial blade printing! For a reliable and durable tool that provides simply unbeatable measuring performance, look no further than JIMIHOME’s Tape Measure. Pick yours up today!



3. Land Retractable Tape Measure

Are you looking for a dependable, heavy-duty tape measure? Look no further than the Land Retractable Measuring Tape. This double-scale tape measure makes it easy to get precise measurements - with both inch and metric readings. It features a sturdy matte blade made of durable material perfect for extended use. And the Magnetic Hook lets you take measurements alone without help. All of these features in one compact package, thanks to the TPR Rubber Protective Case (25FT). This tape measure is a must-have item for any DIY-er or professional toolsmith. Don’t go another day hauling around your bulky measuring tapes – this portable alternative is perfect for getting accurate readings on the go. It’s ergonomically designed for comfort, and it will last you years to come with its long-lasting components and protective case shields. With its ultra high quality design, the Land Retractable Measuring Tape is sure to make your life easier when it comes to taking measurements. Say goodbye to illegible numbers and inaccurate estimates – this heavy duty tape measure gives you precision readings at a fraction of the size! So why wait? Get your hands on one today!



4. Benchmark Magnetic Claw Tip Tape Measure

Are you looking for tape measures that are easy to use and deliver precise accuracy every time? Well, look no further than Benchmark’s 25-Foot Tape Measure. With easy-to-read marks down to 1/8th of an inch, a large magnetic claw tip for gripping and measuring, tough ABS rubber shell for protection from drops and rolls, a belt clip, easy lock, autowind and hanging lanyard – this product contains all the features you need in a tape measure and despite its value just from the bulk pack! Moreover, you can rest assured as every purchase of a Benchmark product is backed by our one year satisfaction guaranty that guarantees if there`s any issue we`ll gladly replace the item or refund you. Our Tape Measures are perfect for any job. These 3 25-ft tape measures feature an easy to read fractions to 1/8th inch design, auto-wind, magnetic claw tip and thumb & quick lock capabilities. With a belt clip for ease of use, you`ll wonder how you ever worked without them! These multifunctional tape measures boast precision accuracy, allowing you to make all the exact measurements needed for your projects. With art stress tested frames, these tape measures last longer than your average powered tool. Plus the ergonomic design ensures your safety as well as comfort with every use. Don’t waste time on unreliable tools and inaccurate measurements; pick up these excellent Tape Measures today! Get ready to bid farewell to guesswork and welcome in reliable results!



5. Craftsman Tape Measure

Craftsman Tape Measures are the perfect way to measure any job that comes your way. This easy-to-use tool will no doubt become a mainstay in your toolkit thanks to its durable chrome and black finish and reliable push button lock. Its retractable 25ft blade provides remarkable 7ft of standout*, so you can trust that you`re accurately making precise measurements each and every time. Plus, the rubber overmold provides a textured grip while you work, meaning you never have to worry about it slipping away from you mid-measurement. Enjoy reliability and durability with every Craftsman tape measure, as the blade coating is designed to withstand wear and tear for years of use. Whether you`re planning out the layout of a kitchen renovation or need precise measurements for a research project, this tape measure is certain to help!



6. DeWalt Tape Measure

With the Dewalt Tape Measure, you get a tool that was designed with both durability and performance in mind. This sturdy tape measure is built with an alloy steel blade and durable plastic and rubber slide to ensure your measurements are always accurate. Plus, the 1-1/8" wide blade comes with a large font for easy readings. Take advantage of the extended reach of 13 feet to handle more versatile jobs. To top it off, its yellow and black color scheme gives a classic look sure to stand out on any jobsite! Want to take your DIY projects up a notch? Look no further than Dewalt’s Tape Measures! These bright yellow and black measurements are just the tool you need to tackle any project. From their extended 13 foot blade reach for increased versatility, to their wide base for improved stability during layout, these incredibly durable tape measures are sure to help you get the job done. You’ll love their patented plastic and rubber slide lock for added protection against jobsite abuse, as well as the easy-to-read 1-1/8 inch wide blade with large font. Plus, the coating on the blade can withstand even the most intense residential construction conditions. Make Dewalt`s Tape Measures part of your next project and never worry about inaccurate measurements again! With this handy tool in your arsenal, nothing will stand between you and DIY success!



7. MulWark Architect Tape Measure

Whether you`re a professional contractor, carpenter, architect or simply doing work around the home, there’s nothing more important than having an accurate measuring tape. With the MulWark 26ft Measuring Tape Measure by Imperial Inch Metric Scale with Both-Side Metal Blade, Magnetic Tip Hook and Shock Absorbent Case, you’ll be ready to tackle any job! This sturdy measuring tool is made from rugged materials that ensures accuracy even when dealing with tough materials or in harsh weather conditions. Its double-sided metal blade easily measures both imperial and metric scale making it perfect for any situation. Its flexible magnetic hook sticks securely to various surfaces for added convenience and accuracy. Plus, its shock absorbent case helps it hold up against drops and everyday wear and tear. The MulWark Measuring Tape will help you work faster and smarter no matter the job. Whether you’re a professional using them on a daily basis or looking to get some repairs done around the house, now you can make sure your measurements are always precise and exact!



8. Duratech Carpenter Tape Measure

Introducing Duratech – the perfect companion for any builder or renovation enthusiast; our magnetic tape measure. This 25-foot retractable tape measure is equipped with an easy-to-read incremental measurement system and durable case. Designed with convenience and accuracy in mind, our Duratech model features a fractional measuring system that instantly converts measurements up to 1/8 of an inch! Now you can confidently work across large distances without having to fuss over conversions and conversions between metric and imperial units. The magnetic hook also comes in handy when working on uneven surfaces or while installing metal fixtures like door frames or cabinets. And you`ll certainly appreciate the shock absorbent case that`s designed to take a few bumps without damaging your device! When it comes to accuracy, ease of use, design, and durability, you won`t find any improvements on the Duratech Magnetic Tape Measure. So don’t just trust your eye – trust Duratech! For every home construction project, install job or repairs task come equipped with the confidence-boosting form and function that only our innovative magnetic tape measures provide.



9. Stanley Keychain Tape Measure

Discover the next level in measuring accuracy with the Stanley Tape Measures! This three pack is made up of yellow, black, and white so you can bring an energetic touch of fun to all those tedious measurement tasks. With three feet of blade standout, you’ll be able to measure farther and faster than ever before. The Tru-Zero end hook makes it easy to measure inside and outside points accurately in a single step – no need for moving parts or multiple guesses! You’ll stay comfortable during your measurements too thanks to the high-impact ABS case complete with rubber grip for maximum maneuverability, so nothing stands between you and perfect measurements every time. Get your hands on these innovative Stanley Tape Measures today, and never worry about inaccurate measurements again!



10. Amazon Basics Tape Measure

If you`re in the market for accuracy and style, look no further than our Amazon Basics Tape Measure! These sleek and stylish 16-foot retractable measuring tapes are perfectly designed for personal or professional use. With a wide 3/4-inch blade, as well as both SAE and metric measurements, you’ll have all the accuracy you need to get any job done right.  This 16-foot, turquoise tape measure is sure to turn heads with its sleek and sophisticated design, while offering reliable measuring performance with precision levels up to 1/8th of an inch. Plus, the tough ABS case is perfect for indoor or outdoor use – it can stand up to any task. This top-notch tape measure comes complete with impact-resistant housing that`s designed for maximum durability. Plus, its ergonomic rubber grips make it comfortable to carry and operate even through the toughest work jobs. Its easy-to-read markings also prove useful time and time again for home DIY projects or in the workplace when taking accurate measurements is a must. Good news — along with its impressive stretchability, this Amazon Basics Tape Measure also proudly boasts adjustable backlash settings so you can configure it according to your personal preferences. Achieve luxurious precision levels like never before with our new Amazon Basics Tape Measure! With an attractive design that perfectly matches any modern workspace, along with a range of versatile features and enhanced accuracy capabilities, this premium tape measure is your go-to solution for absolutely all types of measuring tasks.



11. Wiseup Magnetic Tape Measure

Forget about those old, clumsy tape measures that are always getting lost. The Wiseup Magnetic Tape Measure is here to make your life easier. This handy little tool is perfect for anyone who needs to take measurements on a regular basis. Made with a durable ABS case and a soft-grip handle, the Wiseup Magnetic Tape Measure is comfortable to use and built to last. The magnetic end is great for attaching to metal surfaces, making it easy to take measurements in hard-to-reach places. And with both fractional and metric markings, you can be sure to get accurate readings every time. So make your life a little bit easier with the Wiseup Magnetic Tape Measure. It`s the perfect tool for anyone who needs to take quick and accurate measurements.



12. Hansmaya Dual Scales Tape Measure

Make accurate measurements with your new Tape Measure! Our measuring tape is the perfect tool for any occasion. Whether you need to measure your body for weight loss, medical measurements, or do some home crafting and art, this is the very best in quality and accuracy. It’s made from soft, flexible fiberglass that ensures precision results each time. With dual scales–standard and metric units–you have all the measuring capabilities you could ask for right at your fingertips. Recording all of your measurements has never been so easy! This tape measure is sure to assist all of your measurement needs.  Whether you’re tailoring, crafting, measuring fabric or just want to keep track of your fitness gains – we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our premium fiberglass tape measure provides consistent accuracy and won’t stretch or deform; while our small, but mighty soft tape measure is perfect for crafters, quilters and office-goers alike. Both have metal tabs at each end to stop fraying and prolong its lifespan even further. Plus it is marked with inches, centimeters and millimeters so no matter what your measurements are - you have the right tools at hand.For any sewing aficionado and avid athlete alike, Flawless has got you covered! Get it today at an affordable price and enjoy having your own professional-grade measuring device on hand whenever you want!



Frequently Asked Questions About Tape Measures

How do you use a tape measure for real estate?

There are a few different ways to use a tape measure for real estate. One way is to measure the length of the property, from one end to the other. Another way is to measure the square footage of the property. You can also use a tape measure to measure the height or width of a room.

What things you should consider before buying Tape Measure?

When it comes to buying a tape measure, there are a few things you should consider. One of the first factors is accuracy – be sure to check the measurements on the tape for any errors before making a purchase. The next factor is size; make sure that the length is appropriate for your needs, so get a tape measure that will cover distance up to whatever lengths you need it to reach. Durability and reliability is an important concern too, as you want something that can take a beating without any issues. Finally, consider if there are any extra features available like dual-side markings which can make measuring even more accurate and efficient.

What are some of the benefits of using tape measures?

 Tape measures provide a more accurate body measurement than BMI calculators.

BMI calculators are based on the assumption that all people have the same proportions of muscle, bone, and fat. However, people have different proportions of muscle, bone, and fat, which means that BMI can be inaccurate for some people.

Tape measures are less affected by these differences in proportions, so they provide a more accurate body measurement.

How accurate do you need to be when using a tape measure?

It`s important to be as accurate as possible when using a tape measure. This is because the results of the measurement will be used to track your progress (or lack thereof) while you`re trying to lose weight or build muscle.

Ideally, you should take all measurements at the same time of day, in the same clothing, and using the same method each time. For example, if you`re measuring your waist circumference, make sure to stand up straight and suck in your stomach so that the measurement is taken at the narrowest part of your waist.

What types of tape measure are there in the market?

There are three types of tape measure in the market - cloth, metal, and plastic.

The cloth tape measure is the most traditional one and it is made of cloth or ribbon. It is easy to store and can be used for many purposes. The disadvantage of this type of tape measure is that it can stretch over time and the markings may not be as accurate.

The metal tape measure is more sturdy than the cloth one and does not stretch as easily. However, it can be heavy to carry around and difficult to fold up for storage.

The plastic tape measure is light-weight and easy to store but it may not be as durable as the other two types. It is also less accurate than the other two types.

Do you have any tips or tricks for using a tape measure?

Yes! Here are a few tips for using a tape measure:

Make sure the tape measure is straight when you pull it tight against your body.

Don`t suck in your stomach or hold your breath - just relax and measure like you would normally.

Measure at the widest part of your hips and make sure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor.

If you`re measuring your waist, place the tape measure around your navel - not too tight, not too loose.