15 Best Cowboy Hats For 2023

15 Best Cowboy Hats For 2023

Cowboy hats aren`t just an iconic piece of western fashion, they can also be one of the most practical pieces of clothing in a person`s wardrobe. These hats are made from extremely durable fabrics and usually feature a stiff brim that guards against sun and rain - making them essential for protection from the elements when out on the range. The wooden bones in the hat can also be reshaped to fit specific head types and personalities - meaning it can provide stylish comfort for any cowboy or cowgirl. With so many colors, prints, fabrics, and style options available, even modern glamor cowboys (or cowgirls) can rock this classic look in their own distinctive way!  Ah, the classic cowboy hat - a timeless staple in western fashion. From country music crooners to rodeo stars, many iconic figures have donned their favorite hats over the years. Boasting an array of different styles and designs ranging from modern to traditional looks, there`s no denying these timeless pieces are as stylish as they are practical. In this blog post, we`ll be taking a look at some of the best cowboy hats available today so you can find one that fits your exact style! Whether you`re looking for something full-brimmed or more lightweight and breathable, there`s surely something out there that`d look just right on top of your head. So saddle up and keep reading to discover our 15 best picks!

The 15 Cool Cowboy Hats That Offer An Effortless Way To Add Flair And Character

When it comes to fashion, cowboy hats have stood the test of time. From Western movies to country and rock music, cowboys are one of the most iconic symbols of America`s culture throughout history and their signature style of headwear has been lifting everyone’s spirits ever since. With a look that can be both snazzy and rugged at once, cowboy hats offer an effortless way to add flair and character no matter what you pair them with. Whether you’re looking for a fun accessory to spice up your wardrobe or just want something truly special, these 15 best cowboy hats are sure to turn heads whenever you put them on.

1. Spooktacular Creations Halloween Cowboy Hat

Get ready to be the star of any Halloween shindig with the perfect outfit: our Spooktacular Creations Cowboy Hat with 3 Bandanas! This eye-catching accessory is sure to add a smidge of western flair to your Halloween getup. Crafted from high-quality fabric and designed with intricate detail, you`ll be rocking an authentic cowboy look in no time. Go for the classic cowboy with your choice of black or brown hat, topped off with three colorful bandanas. With fashionable options that fit comfortably on any size head, you`ll never have to sacrifice style and comfort. Whether you`re donning a John Wayne get-up or putting together an office shindig costume, the possibilities are endless when it comes to matching this hat and bandanas combo. Finish off your costume and wow any onlookers by accessorizing with glasses, faux guns, and even a chaps for an extra spooky vibe.  For anyone who`s looking for the right fun-filled piece to their party ensemble, our Cowboy Hat and 3 Bandanas combo is the go-to must have. So grab yours today — yeehaw!



2. Beistle Cow Print Cowboy Hat

Are you looking for a cowboy hat that makes a real impression? Our Beistle Cow Print Cowboy Hat is perfect for any wild west occasion or dress-up event! This charmingly designed hat has the classic look of traditional western wear - including an iconic broad brim perfect for dusting the trails. But don`t let its roots fool you: this genuine cow print fabric is sure to add a unique touch of style and pizzazz to your outfit. Whether you`re hitting up a country hoedown, celebrating at a Western themed party, or just having fun dressing up for Halloween, this top-notch premium cowboy hat will surely turn some heads. Plus, the one-size fits most adjustable fit band means it`ll stay snugly in place! It`s time to lasso up some style with the Cowboy Hat! This classic cowboy hat is the perfect accessory for any Western-inspired look. Crafted from high-quality materials, this hat is designed for long-lasting wear and a comfortable fit. Its 100% fabric construction provides a soft touch that feels great against your skin. Plus, it features a fun black and white cow print pattern, adding just the right amount of country flair. An adjustable drawstring closure makes it easy to find your ideal fit for all day wear. A true must-have for any modern cowpoke, our Cowboy Hat is sure to be an instant hit wherever you go!



3. Forum Novelties Brown Cowboy Hat

Stay true to your roots and don a classic cowboy look with this Brown Adult Cowboy Hat from Forum Novelties. This hat features a faux suede finish that will be sure to draw attention and admiration. With several colors to choose from, you’ll be able to style your look just the way you want. Plus, one size fits most adults for convenient sizing. Complete your wild west look with additional accessories and costume pieces sold separately. Forum Novelties has been manufacturing quality costumes, accessories and makeup for over 30 years! Are you ready for a wild ride? Get the wear of the West with this Forum Novelties Brown Adult Cowboy Hat! This hat is made of 100% polyester fabric and durable construction, so it`s built to stand up to your long days on the range. With its unique cowhide texture and classic design, you`ll look just like a classic cowboy or cowgirl. The brown color looks great against the dirt or the dawn while you live out your wildest dreams. Care instructions are easy -- just hand wash and let air dry when needed. Show off your cowboy style while enjoying a quality product made in China. Treat yourself to this classic hat today and be ready for anything!



4. Stetson Men`s Outdoor Cowboy Hat

Get the ultimate western style with this Stetson Men`s Bozeman Outdoor Hat. Still made right here in the USA, it`s crafted out of 100% wool, which is designed to be lightweight but strong enough to endure harsh outdoor conditions. It features a traditional pinch front crown and 3 1/4 inch brim that provides plenty of shade on bright days. The classic-style also has a 4” tall crown and comes complete with a leather hatband to give it that authentic cowboy look. Inside, you`ll appreciate its Drilex leather sweatband – ensuring you stay dry and comfortable all day long. Whether you`re headed to the ranch for some R&R or just want to add a stylish western touch to your everyday look, reach for Stetson`s Bozeman Outdoor Hat!



5. Kangaroo Pull On Closure Cowboy Hat

Are you looking for a classic cowboy hat to take your wardrobe to the next level? Look no further than this Kangaroo Cowboy Hat with Pull-on Closure! This high-quality felt cowboy hat from our collection is stylish, comfortable and perfect for any western occasion. Whether you`re dressing up for a formal trail ride, an elegant country dance, or just hanging out with your friends, this one-size-fits-all cowgirl hat is the perfect addition to complete your look. With it`s sleek appearance and timeless design, you can`t go wrong. Make a statement and take on the wild west vibe with our Kangaroo Western Cowboy Hat. This classic hat is perfect for casual everyday wear, dress-up parties, or even more intense rides - whether you`re a cowboy enthusiast or simply love to flaunt it as a beach hat. Its pull-on design ensures your hat stays firmly in place no matter the activity. Featuring a curved brim for rope work and a pinched crown for better control, this cowboy hat`s inner circumference of approximately 21¾" produces the ideal fit on heads measuring between 56-58cm/22.05” - 22.8”. Pick from a variety of colors including pink, white, and brown for an opportunity to show off your western style wherever you go! Embrace the positive vibes of the Wild West with the perfect Kangaroo Cowboy Hat today!



6. Peter Grimm Round Up Cowboy Hat

Are you ready to take charge of your look and give it a rooting tooting Wild West edge? The Peter Grimm Mens Straw Round Up Cowboy Hat is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. This classic American imported hat puts a stylish spin on traditional western style. It’s crafted with straw that forms its round up brim, draw chin strap and details. When you slide this iconic hat onto your head, you’re sure to get loads of cowboy vibes without having to don the entire getup! Beyond looking good, this cowboy hat keeps your head coddled from the sun’s damaging rays with its overhanging brim and comes fitted with a moisture-wicking sweatband that helps keep you dry no matter how sunny it is outside. Don’t forget: when it comes to hats—or anything else for that matter—Peter Grimm does authenticity like nobody else! So if you’re missing having a bit more swagger in your life, don’t even think twice about stepping into some serious rodeo boots and embracing your inner urban cowboy – just add their classic Straw Round Up Cowboy Hat. It could give you the authentic look your wardrobe has been missing!



7. Rhode Island Novelty Child Cowboy Hat

Get a hat with a dose of sparkle! This Rhode Island Novelty Child Pink Cowboy Hat with Blinking Tiara is the perfect way to make your little one feel like the star they are. Boasting a stylish pink hue, this item is sure to dazzle your cowboy or cowgirl. The flashing tiara adds extra charm and appeal, perfect for special occasions such as Halloween costumes and themed birthday parties. For added fun, it features blinking LED lights that will grab everyone’s attention! Crafted from 100% durable polyester material, this hat is designed to last multiple wearings without compromising comfort. It is lightweight and soft against the skin at all times, so your child can move about in complete freedom all day long. Adjustable velcro straps ensure an exact fit time after time too, so it can be shared with siblings or friends! With its flush construction and adjustable sizing options, you know you’re getting a quality product that will add lots of wow factor to any occasion.



8. Vamuss Straw Cowboy Hat

Take your style up a notch with the Vamuss Cowboy Hat. This straw hat has all of the wonderful features you`d expect of an authentic western accessory. It`s made with fine quality materials, featuring a shapeable brim and beaded trim for extra flair. With its sophisticated yet relaxed look, this cowboy hat is perfect for outdoor casual gatherings like BBQs or rodeos — rock this headwear to turn some heads! Plus, trekking through sunny streets or ranches won`t be a problem either as this hat is designed to protect you from harsh UV rays and keep you cool in the hot summer heat. The cowboy trend may go through seasons of change, but you`ll always stay in vogue wearing the Vamuss Cowboy Hat!Crafted from luxurious toyo straw, this beautiful hat is designed to survive all of your wild adventures– and it looks great too. The brim measures 3.5 inches and is shapeable thanks to hidden built in wire, so you can rock exactly the look that you want. Plus, it features an elastic sweatband on the interior for a snug fit that accommodates most up to 58 cm (22.8 inches). To finish off the look, it includes beaded trim with hearts and even ties in back! But if you need an even snugger fit, this Cowboy Hat also includes two free strips of foam tape to reduce the size if needed. Whether you’re exploring a new city or out on the open range, make sure to pack along this stylish accessory for all your escapades!



9. US Toy White Cowboy Hat

Bring a little bit of the Wild West to your next costume party, playdate, or even just for a fun day filled with dress-up, when you don your Cowboy Hat from U.S. Toy! Made from crisp white cotton that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye, this classic cowboy hat is sized just right for little cowboys and cowgirls age 3-7. At 22" around the inside of the brim, it’ll fit like a glove and give them hours of western-styled fun. Whether they pair with jeans and chaps or add a sheriff’s badge, they are sure to be running wild in no time! Put on those dancin’ shoes and get ready to show off some new routines while wearing the perfect accessory - the U.S. Toy Cowboy Hat! When you`re getting your little one dressed up in their favorite cowpoke costume, don`t forget to add the perfect accessory! Our US Toy Cowboy Hat White Costume is the ultimate finishing touch to any Wild West look. Made from comfortable cotton material and boasting a dashing white color, this hat will have your kid looking like a real-life John Wayne. With an inside circumference of 22 inches, this classic cowboy look fits snugly for hours of ropin` and ridin`.



10. Traditions Hat Co. Western Style Cowboy Hat

A classic must-have for any classic western-style wardrobe! Our Cowboy Hat is made of a durable yet lightweight toyo straw material, designed to keep you cool and stylish in any weather. The traditional cowboy hat is a timeless fashion symbol and this stylish version will never go out of style - whether you want to add flair to your dressy outfit or just need protection from the sun, this hat does it all! Playful, exciting and guaranteed to get attention, it features an eye-catching 4" brim with an edge band. We`ve also added a trendy braided leather hatband with metal hardware details that makes the look ultra casual and cool. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, you can count on our Cowboy Hat to always make a lasting impression. Get yours now!



11.Aeromax Junior Cowboy Hat

Nothing quite sets off a kid`s cowboy outfit like an Aeromax Jr. Cowboy Hat and Bandanna in Black! This stylish set lets your little one dress up as a classic western rancher, complete with this iconic hat and a matching bandanna. Made of 100% polyfelt with cotton bandanna, the hat redefines what it means to look the part of a real cowboy! The material is soft on little heads and makes wearing the hat comfortable all day long, while the bandanna adds a timeless flourish to any costume. Whether they`re running around pretending to be gun-slingers or attending Halloween parties, this costume accessory will let your kids express their unique style and character. So get ready for hours of imaginative play with the Aeromax Jr. Cowboy Hat and Bandanna!



12. Rhode Island Novelty Rolled Up Cowboy Hat

For the true cowboy, the Cowboy Hat from Rhode Island Novelty is an essential part of any wardrobe! Stylish and timeless in design, this one-size-fits-all Cowboy Hat has been crafted with durability and comfort in mind. Whether you`re a weekend warrior or a professional saddle jockey, this classic hat will always have you looking like the real deal! The rolled brim provides great sun protection while adding to its rustic charm.  The genuine beadedband is what gives it that traditional western style. The fully adjustable head band ensures a comfortable fit for anyone who wears it – no matter your size or shape! Not only does it look fabulous, but it also provides excellent breathability due to the lightweight construction. Whether you`re headed to the office or the ranch, this Cowboy Hat adds just the right amount of western flair to any outfit. So slip on your boots and hat and show `em how it`s done!



13. Century Novelty Children`s Cowboy Hat

Show your child the old-fashioned way to become a Wild West hero with Century Novelty`s Children`s Red Felt Cowboy Hat! This charming accessory features a classic red felt construction and a 4" brim, giving your little one the perfect look for their next costume. The robust felt material offers superior quality and won`t easily tear or wear with regular usage, ensuring that it will be around for years to come. There are two interchangeable cool alternatives that come in this set: either an star-shaped badge or rhinestone accents on the front of the hat.  Parents can help their children get lost in the glory days of the Wild West, engage their imaginations, and elevate everyday playtime with this cute cowboy hat! Whether you’re looking for costumes for Halloween or an extra-special twist for dress up games all year long, this striking red felt cowboy hat is just what you need to take your little one’s look from ordinary to extraordinary!



14. Vamuss Leather Cowboy Hat

No summer wardrobe is complete without a stylish cowboy hat! Our Vamuss Straw Cowboy Hat with a Vegan Leather Band and vibrant beads across the band will keep you looking trendy in any setting. The shapeable brim helps customize the look of your hat, and can even be rolled down to shield your eyes from the sun when you’re at the beach. Not only is this cowgirl hat eye-catching, but it’s also incredibly durable. The straw construction of our Vamuss hats make them well-suited for extended wear outdoors, and they won`t tear if brushed against tree branches or shrubs. Get ready to wow this season with a classic style that moves you straight into the wild west -- vegan style. Get ready to hit the town with a classic and timeless look - this Cowboy Hat is just right for you! Crafted from quality paper straw, this cowboy hat fits loose and is sure to keep your head cool in even the hottest of days. The faux suede band is artfully decorated with wood beads and antiqued amber color stone accents for an edgy style you simply will not find anywhere else. See all the sights under the broad 3.5" wide brim that is shapeable so you can always have just the right look. This cowboy hat provides maximum comfort and lasting durability with one size fitting most up to apx 23 inches, making it the ideal accessory for any vintage western-style wardrobe. Feel like a real cowgirl with this stylish yet rustic hat - guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go!



15. Stetson Mens Cowboy Hat

Introducing the Stetson Cowboy Fur Hat, the perfect blend of style and function for the modern American man. This timeless hat is crafted from a durable straw fabric, made in America with only the best materials. The sophisticated solid pattern adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble, while staying true to its western roots. For a snug fit, this hat also features a comfortable chin strap closure, with extra stretch provided by its soft finish Shantung design. Whether you’re braving the cold weather or just need to show some individualism, this hat will keep you looking your best with confidence and pride. Show off your unique style with one of America`s most trusted brands – Stetson Rodeo Drive Collection.  With its wide angled brim measuring 3 1/2 inches, this cowboy fur hat is ideal for all outdoor activities such as mountain biking or hiking around town! Not to mention it has been designed with breathability and ventilation in mind so you won`t get too hot on sunny days. So be sure to pick up your Stetson cowboy today for an iconic American-style look that won`t go out of style anytime soon!



Frequently Asked Questions About Cowboy Hats

Do you think that cowboy hats will ever go out of style?

There`s no way to predict the future, but it`s doubtful that cowboy hats will ever go out of style. They have a long and storied history, and they continue to be popular with people from all walks of life. Plus, they just look darn good!

How do you feel about wearing cowboy hats in a professional setting?

it depends on personal preference and the type of profession you`re in. Some people might feel that a cowboy hat is too informal for a professional setting, while others might think it shows that you`re creative and fun-loving. Ultimately, it`s up to the individual to decide what look they want to go for in their professional setting.

What things you should consider before Cowboy Hat?

Before committing to buying a cowboy hat, it is important to consider how much sun exposure you’ll be getting as the hat will be protecting your eyes and face from UV rays. Evaluate the materials of both the body and brim of the hat and make sure that it is breathable enough for you to wear in hot weather. Also, figure out what kind of shape you would like your cowboy hat to have; there are several options like fedoras, straw hats, and more that can accessorize any getup. If budget is an issue, consider purchasing a synthetic wool or leather option because they won`t break the bank but still last some time. All in all, cowboy hats are a fantastic way to stay stylish while keeping cool and shaded from the sun!

What are the different styles of cowboy hats?

Answer: There are many different styles of cowboy hats, but the most popular are the Stetson, the Resistol, and the Justin.

The Stetson is a classic style of cowboy hat that has been around for over 100 years. It`s made of beaver fur felt and is known for its durability and high quality.

The Resistol is also a classic style of cowboy hat that was first made in the 1920s. It`s made of rabbit or beaver fur felt and is known for its wide brim and coolness in hot weather.

The Justin is a newer style of cowboy hat that was first created in the 1970s. It`s made of wool or straw and is known for its lightweight construction and fine looking.

Do you think the popularity of cowboy hats will ever come back?

There is no definitive answer, but there are several factors to consider.

First and foremost, cowboy hats are extremely versatile and can be worn in a variety of settings, both formal and casual. They also offer great protection from the sun and wind.

Secondly, the popularity of country music is at an all-time high, which has helped to fuel renewed interest in cowboy hats.

Lastly, many fashion designers have begun to incorporate elements of Western style into their latest collections, which could lead to even greater demand for cowboy hats in the years ahead. All things considered, it`s certainly possible that the popularity of cowboy hats will continue to rise in the years ahead.

How often do you wear a cowboy hat?

 I don`t wear a cowboy hat very often, but when I do it`s usually for work or special occasions. I work on a ranch and sometimes we have to do chores that require a cowboy hat, like moving cattle. And I also like to wear one when I go out dancing because it makes me feel more like a cowgirl.