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Now get an average discount at PowerbookMedic with coupon codes of almost $29. It is your one stop shop for your MacBook repairs and their parts. PowerbookMedic sells and helps in repairing your MacBook in all conditions. They also provide parts and machinery for all other Apple products, such as batteries, displays, hard disk drives and USB ports repairing, graphics cards, adaptors of all powers.

How to Use PowerbookMedic Coupon Codes

A lot of websites offer you discounts with coupon codes, but the most effective ones are available at CouponGot.com. Here you can also get promo codes for PowerbookMedic and after getting it you can enter the coupon code at the store’s certified website which will get you your discount.

How to Save Money at PowerbookMedic

At PowerbookMedic you can save tons of cash by providing good deals and exclusive discounts that are incomparable to any other in the same field. They provide clearances, and free shipping on their products. They provide extra discounts to dealers in MacBook and other Apple products, as well as educational institutions like colleges, schools, universities and other educational programs as well. Additional benefits can be obtained by promo codes.

PowerbookMedic Shipping and Returns

International shipment is provided by PowerbookMedic and all the shipping methods are laid out in details once you make an account and are logged in. The customers are provided all the facilities at their website and proper track of all orders is kept. You first log in to your account and make all your orders, all charges will be specified to you at an instant. Additional customs cost might be incurred depending upon where you live and that will be the responsibility of the customer. If orders are cancelled, the cost will not be reimbursed. All orders carry a one year warranty. Returns may be made from 60 days of purchase. Items must be in immaculate condition and not damaged or modified in any manner, broken or damaged items will be sent back to the customer.  After a period of 60 days, the defected item will be given an exchange option only.

PowerbookMedic Customer Service

There are a number of ways through which you can contact PowerbookMedic such as by calling them at 1 866 726 3342 or at their direct line 1 256 513 4078 between 08:00 and 16:30 hours from Mondays through Fridays. You may even Fax them at 1 404 592 5216 about any query that you may have. For customer support, emails may be sent to support@powerbookmedic.com and for any repairs that may be incurred you can send them an email at repairs@powerbookmedic.com.

About PowerbookMedic

PowerbookMedic began in 1998 on eBay where specific parts were supplied to the still developing eBay.  With the passage of time as the customers provided good feedback, the business started expanding and they started offering more parts and services. The customers were facilitated even more as it was difficult to perform some of them at themselves and so they were provided with repair manuals and repair guides. With the growing in business, they decide to develop a website of their own and this was done in 2002. There are a lot of facilities that aid their customers so that the difficulties that they may face are cut down to a minimum. The electronic waste that goes into landfills is minimized at their end by recycling of products. Any items that cannot be repaired are recycled instead of being dumped into scrap.

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